Spice it Up With O’Food

Explore the endless possibilities of Korean flavours on your table

From authentic traditional Korean meals to modern dishes with a burst of Korean twists, O’Food brings the best quality and taste powered by creativity and heritage. Want to know more about our products? Make your choice below.


Deep, rich and incredibly balanced flavours. O’Food Authentic range brings all the essentials of Korean cuisine. Powered by the Korean traditional fermentation and natural heritage of Korea, these products will spice up your kitchen with a burst of new flavours and healthy recipes.


The modern interpretation of Korean food with zero compromises in taste and freshness. O’Food Contemporary range stays true to healthy and authentic Korean recipes whilist making it super simple and easy for you to enjoy.


Experience the Korean flavours like no other. O’Food Smart & Fun range captures all the goodies and healthy elements of Korean cuisine into a handy bottle. Sprinkle onto any dish you like and there you have it – an instant full burst of delicious Korean kicks to your dish.